About James Ebert


I am honored to share my in-depth knowledge of real estate from my 20+ years’ experience with over 7,000 families and clients. I have appraised or inspected thousands of homes, from almost all areas of California. I specialize in appraisals for complex and legal situations, serving as expert witness and providing legal and valuation support for legal matters. 

Additionally, I advise and counsel families, architects, attorneys and local civic groups on historic/architectural properties. Of course, I also help neighbors and friends with the sale or purchase of homes and condos. 

As a
featured speaker, I share my expertise with other real estate professionals in seminars throughout the Southland. I have presented dozens of seminars to over 1000 real estate agents, from Ventura to Long Beach to Pasadena.

You will appreciate the confidence and assurance when teaming up with James as a trusted Realtor. We provide services to a wide range of clients - homeowners, attorneys, CPA’s, Realtors, architects, banks, and trusts.  I have worked with clients from all regions of Southern California, to Chicago, Denver, Texas, Las Vegas, and even Puerto Rico.  I look forward to working with you!


I grew up in the Midwest and attended University of Illinois majoring in Urban Planning and Sociology.  Upon graduating, I was hired sight-unseen (unheard) by a successful music group based in Denver.  I reveled in sharing the joy and energy that our music created. I was eventually lured to Los Angeles, where I honed my skills as a drummer and toured the United States with the California legends Jan & Dean (Little Old Lady from Pasadena, Surf City), then worked in television and production management. After my appraisal career was well established, my family and I settled into the Conejo Valley where our sons attended the Oak Park Schools. I have a love and appreciation for this wonderful community, where I continue to volunteer my expertise, and continue to make music.

James Ebert Resume/ Curriculum Vitae