Architectural, Historical, and Unique Custom Homes

James Ebert is well known as an architectural and historical specialist. The local Appraisal Institute has acknowledged his experience and authority, publicly commending him during one of their recent conventions.

Southern California has some of the world's greatest Architecture, and many of them have become Historical Treasures. For example, Frank Lloyd Wright built many homes in the Southern California region. Many of his students and staff became famous in their own right, including Rudolf Schindler (James has inspected over a half a dozen), Richard Neutra (inspected five), and John Lautner (inspected or appraised six in the area). Mr Ebert has inspected, appraised or advised the lucky home owners or buyers for a few hundred architectural homes in the region, including those by Gregory Ain, Greene & Greene, John Lloyd Wright, Marmol Radziner, Joseph Eichler, and others. See a more complete list of projects here.

Additionally, James has served as consultant or advisor for clients across the country, including Chicago, Denver, and Mammoth Lakes.

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