Legal Appraisals

*** Providing Confidential, Qualified, Court-Approved Appraisals ***

For over 20 years, estates, trusts, families, attorneys, and CPA's have engaged us to provide appraisals on homes, investments, condos, townhouses, vacant lots, and a variety of other properties throughout Southern California. We are able to deliver court-approved qualified appraisals, valuations and supporting consultation.  Areas of expertise include-

Mr. Ebert has assisted and/or testified on behalf of hundreds of families in regional and state courts. James...

  • Is experienced in the courtroom, IRS hearings, and other critical settings
  • Displays solid presentation skills and a proven ability to bring a thorough knowledge to the witness stand 
  • Maintains over 90% success rate
  • Is Admitted Expert to Her Majesty’s Court Services, London, Great Britain          
"I wanted to take time and thank you for your assistance... As you know, the Internal Revenue Service had challenged the value of [my client's] rental property and the case was argued before an appeals officer. Because of your expertise and professional representation, I won the case. The IRS accepted your valuation, with no changes.”    - Certified Public Accountant

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