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I have been asked to speak before an attorney group in Los Angeles about training the expert appraiser. I have some experience with this personally, and find that the three main concerns I have are:

1. Not enough time to prepare, especially for the deposition.

2. Not a clear idea of what is needed, what values are to be used for.

3. Not prepared to pay a large enough retainer to insure complete and thorough  research by the expert.

What are some of the things you have found to be important?

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It is July, and that is time to review your property tax bills.

Property Tax Bills are now posted. A quick value check will tell you if you agree with their value. If you bought your home after 2004, it is time to review the local sales, or comparables, as of January, 2011, in your neighborhood, to see what the property values are like.

The county uses a computerized system, and does not know your specific neighborhood. There are many on-line sites that give an approximation, but use those only as an initial reference. If there appears to be a difference from those site and your bill, then give us a call. We can figure out what degree of appeal you might consider.

Remember, the county has the “Dealers’ Advantage”. Trying to fight it yourself is an automatic financial drain, and a waste of your time. These are professionals and they run this system 24/7. Our initial reference value check is no charge, and no obligation. You have only about 60 days to file a response, so act quickly and call us today. 818 991 932 or (310) 505.5916.