What People are Saying...

Residential Appraisals:

"I recommend James to my friends and clients, as he takes the time to understand first, often saving both time and money." - Malibu Realtor

"He does deep market research and quickly delivers a quality product, making him my top choice."- Westlake Village Realtor

“Your experience in understanding the market, including the specialty market, has been invaluable. Most appraisers do not have the depth of knowledge that you have. I thank you for your diligence.” Top 10 Broker JPMorgan /Chase Home Mortgage

“As president of a company providing over $2 Billion in mortgage loans annually, I know many appraisers, and Mr. Ebert has continued to be on my first call list. For over fifteen years, he has assisted many of my fellow colleagues as well. He continually receives high praise from my clients.” - (President), Los Angeles Mortgage Company

“[James Ebert] has worked on dozens of projects through our offices, and his professionalism, timeliness, and strict attention to appraisal standards and his high personal standards are reflected in his work…His ability to roll up his sleeves, do a thorough market search and review, and get back with a quality product quickly make him my top choice for all my work…”  Conejo Valley Mortgage Broker

"Very professional and thorough! I would highly recommend James Ebert who knows the market and provides exceptional service to his clients. James provided a detail appraisal for our property and his report was thorough."         - Ms S.F.


"James came out to do my appraisal several weeks ago and he was amazing. Very professional and knowledgeable but he was also very caring and understanding with my unique situation that I have. … He provided a very detailed and descriptive report in the appraisal and I couldn't have been happier with his services. I have since had occasion to call him to ask him some more questions … and he has always made himself available…even after hours. I would definitely give him the highest recommendation."     -  JP



Legal Appraisals:

"James provided quick and discrete service, and my family was pleased with the easy- to-read report."  - Executor of large estate

“I would like to offer my sincere thanks to James Ebert for all his efforts on my behalf during my ongoing negotiations with the Los Angeles International Airport concerning the acquisition of my house. The advice you gave me regarding likely negotiation tactics proved to be very accurate, and as a result I was well prepared during my meetings with representatives of the Airport. The thorough and articulate appraisal you prepared for us proved invaluable during the process.”  - West Los Angeles Homeowner

“…I wanted to take time and thank you (Mr. James Ebert) for your assistance in the appraisal audit. As you know, the Internal Revenue Service had challenged the value of their rental property and the case was argued before an appeals officer. Because of your expertise and professional representation, I won the case. The Internal Revenue Service accepted your valuation, with no changes.”    - Certified Public Accountant

"… Thank you for the wonderful appraisal you prepared for me… I cannot express my gratitude enough, for
how prepared you were for the court appearance. Your professionalism and expert testimony shined, as the opposing attorney examined you. I think the fact that the judge commented on your credibility, while the other appraiser was biased towards his client, is the highest compliment you can receive.”  - Los Angeles Attorney


Historic/Architectural Properties:

“James Ebert is an appraiser with a thorough understanding of Southern California residential architecture and the special value placed on this significant architecture by enthusiasts, art collectors and homebuyers with an appreciation for exceptional design…. Those of us who deal in architecture appreciate James’ expertise and his thoughtful and professional assessment of these unique homes.” - Sincerely, (Westside Agent / Senior Partner), Beverly Hills Architectural Realty

“Your experience in understanding the market, including the specialty market, has been invaluable. Most appraisers do not have the depth of knowledge that you have. I thank you for your diligence.”  - Broker, JPMorgan /Chase Home Mortgage

“Jim has a unique understanding & appreciation for historically significant homes. He is extremely diligent and detailed. Historic homes have unique value and demand and often command a premium. Unfortunately, there are not more appraisers like Jim that really understand how to evaluate such homes. The real estate world needs more appraisers like Jim that have the experience to truly determine these values.”               Sincerely,       - Seller of architectural home, a 1946 Gregory Ain Original

Realtor response on a purchase of a 1946 historically / architecturally significant home: “Well it took 30 days – but the bank approved your appraisal – first, they required an appraisal review, then a desk top appraisal, then appraisal review of the desk top appraisal, then a field appraisal, and then finally an approval – it’s finally set to close this week – Thanks again”           – West Los Angeles Realtor

 “In my opinion, there is no better appraiser to properly ascertain an architectural home’s true market value than James Ebert. I would highly recommend Mr. Ebert for any appraisal, particularly a home with architectural merit. I am happy to speak on his behalf, should you desire.”    - Respectfully,  President Beverly Hills Architecture Realty

“James has assisted us several times with appraising architecturally designed homes with sustainable and energy-efficient features. Not only does he have a thorough understanding of how these items increase a home’s value, his passion for good design is reflected in his appreciation of the positive effects good architecture can have on day-to-day living. We recommend James for any project that requires an intelligent, keen and responsive intellect to provide the best service possible.”             Mr. D.D.

Event Speaker

“James, I’ve closed a few escrows since seeing your presentation…Your tips helped me to negotiate a better price for my buyers…  Not bad! “    - JK, Realtor

“Several managers have stated that your presentations are very informative and that the agents loved the meeting.  Yesterday one of my agents was attending the Studio City office meeting to pitch his listing and said that your presentation was stellar.  Kudos…..to you.”    
- LR, Manager, Realty office in Los Feliz

“Thank you for coming; great job.  Your summary is quite complete and I'm certain it will be helpful for our agents. Thanks again,”     - BR, Vice President Realty office

“Jim, Thank you for your sharing…Great Presentation!”     - GH, Large home mortgage office


“It is with great pleasure that I recommend Mr. Ebert. He has been a trusted colleague and associate for several years, and I recommend his services to others without qualification. James takes great care to understand the situation first, and often provides timely counsel that saves both time and money to all. I always look forward to the few moments we can work together, and know this is true of others as well.”   - Malibu Realtor

"James Ebert was incredibly through and professional. He also gave me some valuable advice on tax issues that I did not know about and which were extremely helpful. Going so far as to send me links and explaining the things that I did not understand. I will use him anytime I need an appraisal and cannot recommend him highly enough. "       - M


Real Estate Sales & Purchase

"I have worked with other realtors in California & Washington, and James Ebert is the best. James has done an excellent job, going far and away above the call of duty helping us get our property in shape and then sold quickly – with 13 offers, and over asking price. I am very impressed with him both professionally and personally. I had him sell my mom’s house in Newbury Park- again, multiple offers, over asking. Another family home in Thousand Oaks will need to be sold shortly, too, & James is the man. Again, excellent sales professional, very accommodating, with a warm personality, a great guy."      -  Mr C.B., Thousand Oaks

"Because of James Ebert’s keen sense of value & innovative marketing ideas my son’s home sold, successfully, within one week of listing it. It is a real pleasure to work with such a knowledgeable Real Estate Specialist as James Ebert."                         - Ms D.M., Malibu

"James goes beyond the Call of Duty" - W.P., Tarzana

"James was thoughtful and considerate during this difficult time. He took charge of the entire process, & helped me feel much better. I was glad to have it in his hands" - Ms. N. L. Thousand Oaks, CA"

"James, I just wanted to reach out and say thank you for being so kind the other day. It means a lot when someone goes out of their way to help. You did not act as more agents would, you chose the ethical approach and then patiently explained the options available. I just wanted you to know that I appreciated it very much. And you are now in my short list of Realtors as well as appraisers, and the one that I will refer to most often.       - Client                


“Our mother decided it was time to downsize and sell her home of 40 years. James was amazing. He was very thoughtful and considerate of her during this difficult time, and always very professional. James took charge of the entire sales effort … and led her carefully through the entire process. He worked very hard to make it as easy as possible for her.”         - CB


“James takes a personal interest in his clients, he is always very responsive and works very hard to do the best job that he can for you. I have enjoyed working with him.”       - HLJ                                           


“James Ebert goes beyond the call of duty. This was my first home purchase and I was pretty lost in the confusion of paperwork and negotiations. James was not only friendly and professional, but he guided me through the whole process. Not only did he help us buy our house but he has been there every step of the way helping us to find contractors and repair people to turn the house into our dream property. James knows everything about the Westlake / Thousand Oaks area. He's the guy to turn to.”          - DHA


“This was my first home purchase and James was very helpful in guiding me through the process. I found a very good loan through one of his recommended contacts. He also helped me during negotiations, with market reports that gave me confidence that my home will be a good investment. I was even able to get 4% off the list price which was important to me for reducing the closing costs. Since I have a long commute and a job that keeps me very busy I really appreciate how he arranged the inspections and even had the condo cleaned after closing so that I didn't need to take a day off work        - MS