For over 20 years, we have served Thousand Oaks Homeowners and their attorneys, CPA,s and financial planners.  Our office is centrally located in Westlake Village &n West Los Angeles, to provide immediate and comprehensive service. Whether you live in  Lynn Ranch, or Wildwood, we have assisted your neighbors recently.  
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Our Family Lawyer wants a qualified appraisal. What does that mean?

For estates, trusts, divorce, date of death, and other life changes, federal regulations require an independent valuation of the home. This may be a current date, a date from a few months ago, or even from many years ago. They need an accurate and impartial value that can be used for further planning, and for future concerns from family, attorneys, the IRS and other governing groups.

The IRS guidelines considers a qualified independent appraisal that complies with the requirements in Treasury Regulations Section 1.170A-13(c) and is conducted by a qualified appraiser.

Ebert Appraisals has been relied upon for over twenty years. We understand their needs and can prepare a report for you quickly and at lowest cost. Give us a brief call, so we can review your needs, at no charge to you. We come from a family of five appraisers, and we are sympathetic to the feelings and family dynamics at these times.

How can we select the right appraiser?

As for references or testimonials about their experience.

Has the appraiser worked in this community, with this type of property?

Ebert Appraisals has over 20 years of experience throughout the Southern California region, with homes, condos, townhouses, land, multi- family units, and many other properties. He also has clients from across the United States, as well as from Canada and Europe. He has been accepted with Her Majesty’s Royal Courts of London, England.

Has he researched current regulations for appraisers?

James continues to take classes, do independent study, and review similar cases.

Has he ever appeared before the IRS to defend appraisals?

James has successfully challenged IRS and probate valuations, dating back over ten years.

Does he have the respect and support of fellow appraisers?

Mr. Ebert gets many referrals from other appraisers, as well as the top Realtors and agents from regional communities. In addition, he is an associate member of the Appraisal Institute, as well as with local historical and architectural organizations.


Property Tax Appeals

Home values have increased, in some cases, quite a bit. The county assessors may not be accurate with the assessment used to tax your property. Let us review your taxes and see if it is worthwhile to fight to save money. A recent client had assessments reduced, saving $9,000 each year.  

“Your experience in understanding the market, including the specialty market, has been invaluable. Most appraisers do not have the depth of knowledge that you have. I thank you for your diligence.” Top 10 Broker JPMorgan /Chase Home Mortgage

“In my opinion, there is no better appraiser to properly ascertain an architectural home’s true market value than James Ebert. I would highly recommend Mr. Ebert for any appraisal, particularly a home with architectural merit. I am happy to speak on his behalf, should you desire.” Respectfully, President Beverly Hills Architecture Realty

“Well it took 30 days – but the bank approved your appraisal – we had an appraisal review, then a desk top appraisal, then appraisal review of the desk top appraisal, then a field appraisal, and then finally an approval – set to close this week – Thanks again” J

“As president of this West Side Mortgage company, providing over $2 Billion in mortgage loans annually, I know many appraisers, and Mr. Ebert continues to be on my first-call list. For over fifteen years, he has assisted dozens of my fellow colleagues as well. He continually receives high praise from my clients.” Sincerely, President, West Side Mortgage

“I would like to offer my sincere thanks for all your effort on my behalf during my ongoing negotiations with the Los Angeles International Airport concerning the acquisition of my house. The advice you gave me regarding likely negotiation tactics proved to be very accurate, and as a result I was well prepared during my meetings with representatives of the Airport. The thorough and articulate appraisal you prepared for us proved invaluable during the process.” West Los Angeles Homeowner

“…I wanted to take time and thank you (Mr. James Ebert) for your assistance in the appraisal audit. As you know, the Internal Revenue Service had challenged the value of their rental property and the case was argued before an appeals officer. Because of your expertise and professional representation, I won the case. The Internal Revenue service accepted your valuation, with no changes.” Certified Public Accountant

"… Thank you for the wonderful appraisal you prepared for me… I can not express my gratitude enough, for how prepared you were for the court appearance. Your professionalism and expert testimony shined, as the opposing attorney examined you. I think the fact that the judge commented on your credibility, while the other appraiser was biased towards his client, is the highest compliment you can receive.” Los Angeles Attorney



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