How To Get the Best Appraisal Results

1. Take Control of the Situation

By Being Pro-Active, You Make it Easier to Understand the Appraiser's needs. Always Meet the Appraiser, and do your research of near by homes.

Take some time to know the local area

Take time to have the material he needs. Be a local resource on new listings or sales 

Show Support for the Appraiser

Be the Appraiser’s Best Friend, meet them at the site, with copies of important material. Hand pick the sales that might not be found. Find Two supporting sales less than 90 days old. Email full print outs to him ahead of time, discuss Comps at the site.

Extend Time to Close, Just In Case

It allows you to remain in control and in the drivers seat.Expect there to be snags and delays, build them into the time table.  

Be prepared with "Plan B", a Contingency Plan

Always develop a backup plan, in case the Appraisal comes back too lowBigger Down payment? Walk Away? Re-Negotiate? What will you do?

And remember, we are here to answer any and all questions, at any time.

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